Repairing Your Old Wood Floors

Maybe it was from a water leak. Or maybe it was from moving that baby grand to the other side of the room. Or maybe it was the poor workmanship of another installer (we see this one a lot!). Whatever caused the damage to your existing hardwood floors, chances are E_M Custom Flooring & Installations can repair them.

hardwood floor repairs

Save Money by Fixing Your Hardwood Floors

Whether they’re really old or relatively young, if you like the floors you have, but want to get rid of some imperfections – minor or major – let our flooring repair experts take a look. We’ll give you some practical, affordable options that will breathe new life into your hardwood. We can replace damaged planks of any size or shape with the same material and can even color-match the stain so you’ll never see the difference between the old and new wood.

Contact us today to learn more about our flooring repair service and keep loving the hardwood you already own!

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