Hardwood Floors – Refinish or Replace?

The Number One Question from Customers!

During a visit to the E_M Custom Flooring showroom, our staff could quickly tell you the most frequent inquiry we have, which is whether to refinish or replace slightly worn or tired looking hardwood floors. Many times, customers will have beautiful floors which have been nicked (furniture without protective padding on the bottom of the legs) or worn in high trafficked areas (in front of a fridge and the ice maker) and are not sure what to do since the rest of their flooring looks fine.

Have a Professional Evaluation

The first thing you should do is contact a trusted E_M expert for an evaluation. Too many times homeowners will try to fix the problem themselves, which can result in further damage to their floors. A flooring expert can tell if this is a one-time problem, or if other factors could potentially lead to a much larger issue. After the evaluation, you will be presented with a proper solution which will involve some decisions based on the type of hardwood floors you have.

Typical Problems

  • Gray to black boards in some places
  • Lots of subtle scratches
  • Water damage
  • Sun fade
water damage repair for hardwood floor

Find the Solution

If you have solid wood floors that are at least a quarter inch thick, you can most likely have the damaged area of the floor sanded and refinished. Often you can even have engineered hardwood floors re-sanded if there is enough veneer to work with. If your floors can’t be fixed, then you may need to consider replacing the entire floor which is more costly and involves removal of the old flooring and installation of the replacement. Sometimes, even if a floor can be repaired, the owner may decide it is time for an updated look and hires us to install a brand new floor.

repair scratches on hardwood floors

Prevent the Damage from Happening Again

Besides heavy foot traffic, floors can also be impacted by using water or oil-based soaps to clean your floors. It is important that you always follow the instructions of your wood floor’s manufacturer to guarantee the best performance. E_M Flooring recommends using a water base solution such as Bona Traffic which is environmentally safe, provides resistance to wear and goes a long way in keeping floors beautiful.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your floors on a regular basis and call our showroom to address any potential issues!

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