Hardwood Floors versus Carpet – Which is Right for Your Home?

One of the biggest decisions homeowners face when deciding on the decor of their living space is whether to select hardwood floors or carpet. There are many factors to consider, and in some cases both are selected based on individual needs and preferences. Lately, hardwood floors have become a very popular choice as they last longer and add value to the home.

hardwood flooring is timeless

When consulting with a knowledgeable flooring representative at E_M Custom Flooring & Installations, they can easily walk you through the many factors to consider and share why many customers have ultimately selected hardwood floors. Here are just a few:

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

  • Luxurious & timeless – a design trend that doesn’t show any signs of stopping!
  • Versatilityselect from unfinished, pre-finished, engineered and wide plank
  • Durability – you can walk into a home and have no idea how long ago the floors were installed as they consistently maintain their timeless look
  • Sustainability – made from trees, a natural product, hardwood floors are environmentally friendly
  • Easy to Clean – dirt/grime can’t hide, so you can keep your home much cleaner
  • Value – hardwood floors add versatility to the look of a home and are high on the list of considerations for prospective new homeowners when making their purchase decision

Now, how about carpet? There are of course some instances where carpet is preferred or necessary, but most homeowners who start out with wooden floors rarely go back to carpet if they have a choice. In some areas of the home, throw rugs or area rugs may be used in high traffic areas or carpet used in rooms such as a nursery where children might be playing on the floor and require a softer surface. Carpet used to be a sought-after solution due its affordability, but today many homeowners feel that the investment in hardwood floors is worthwhile due to the many benefits detailed above. Today there are many affordable hardwood floor choices including vinyl/laminate floorings that run about the same cost as carpet.

foyer with hardwood flooring

There is one last important factor to consider and that’s the variety of design choices available. Visit our flooring store and you will be amazed at the many types of hardwood floors you can choose from. To start with, our hardwood choices range from domestic to exotic varieties. We have flooring available in a variety of styles, colors and designs to meet any requirements. The real fun begins when you work with one of our experts to help you customize your floor by staining or mixing contrasting colors and patchwork style to create medallions that can express your unique vision in your home.

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