Residential Gym Flooring Installations

At E_M Custom Flooring & Installations, many of our projects go above and beyond the regular scope of hardwood flooring installations. Today we are going to highlight several residential gym flooring installations we’ve completed. When selecting a type of gym flooring, you want to choose something durable, with a sleek look that elevates the room’s aesthetics and provides you with a workout space that motivates you to use it.

Rubber Gym Floor With Interlocking Tiles

For this gym floor installation, we used high-grade rubber interlocking tiles, seamlessly piecing them together to form a level surface. Our flooring installation experts also precision cut the edges of the outer tiles to be flush with the walls. By the time we were finished, this rubber gym floor looked as if it was made from one giant, uniform piece of flooring.

Flooring Fact: If a section of the flooring becomes damaged, interlocking tiles can be individually replaced, so maintenance and repair are easy and affordable.

Rubber Gym Flooring With Interlocking Tiles – Mid-Installation

Rubber gym floor with interlocking tiles
Rubber gym floor installation with interlocking tiles

Rollout Rubber Gym Floor

Rollout rubber flooring provides a safe workout surface that protects the layers beneath from damage. As with all high-quality gym flooring types, rollout rubber also helps with sound abatement, so you can use the space without bothering anyone else who may be in the house. This is especially beneficial for second or third-floor gym installations with rooms beneath them.

During these installations, we carefully rolled out the rubber flooring and glued it down to fully secure its placement. These rollout rubber gym floors include speckle detail, further adding to their overall look. At E_M Custom Flooring & Installations, we carry a wide array of styles to choose from, enabling you to pick the one best suited to your specific needs and preferences.

Rollout Rubber Gym Flooring Installations With Grey Speckle Detail

Rollout rubber gym floor
Rollout rubber gym floor installation

Vinyl Gym Floor

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile, with implementations ranging from residential gyms to full-size indoor basketball courts. Vinyl gym flooring is available in a variety of custom patterns and designs. These completed installations include sleek, custom patterns, but vinyl flooring also comes in styles that emulate the look of hardwood flooring to the point where it is nearly impossible to tell the difference when looking at it. In both of these vinyl gym flooring installations we glued down the material, effectively securing it to the layers beneath.

Vinyl Gym Flooring – Planking With Custom Patterns

Vinyl Gym Flooring With Custom Patterns

Vinyl gym floor with planking
Vinyl gym flooring installation

Custom Flooring Installation Expertise

With more than 75 years in the industry, our team of flooring installation experts has the knowledge and experience needed to meet or beat customer expectations. Contact us today so we can help turn your upcoming flooring project into a success.

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