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During our 75-plus years of doing business on Long Island, our team of flooring experts has built relationships with trusted flooring manufacturers worldwide. This article will introduce you to a number of the high-quality flooring brands we sell and install.

Legno Bastone hardwood flooring installation
Legno Bastone Flooring Logo

Legno Bastone

Legno Bastone was founded in the late 1800’s by the same family that runs the company to this very day. Over the years, we have optimized and expanded our production process, but we have never abandoned the age-old European traditions of craftsmanship when it comes to our floors. Every single floor is hand-crafted and custom designed; regardless of whether it is a well-appointed home, a castle or a modern minimalist urban apartment, irrespective of whether the address is in Europe or coast to coast in the USA.


Triangulo Hardwood Flooring has been dedicated to the manufacturing of hardwood products since 1972.  This family-owned business in Brazil has been globally recognized for sustainability, innovative products and cutting edge technology.  As the hardwood flooring industry has evolved over the last several decades, Triangulo has adapted to the requirements for the domestic and foreign markets.

Triangulo Hardwood Floors logo
Kahrs flooring logo


Kährs has been working with wood for more than 160 years and is today one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of engineered wood floors in the world.


After perfecting the finishing process, we embarked on a project to effectively secure and streamline our manufacturing and raw materials pipeline. Being vertically integrated for over twenty years, our Drummondville, Quebec, hardwood sawmill provides the raw lumber materials that we use. The installation is also the home of the company’s kiln drying units and production lines where the raw planks are transformed into wood flooring boards. The meticulously manufactured Solid and Engineered wood floorboards are then sent to Montmagny, Quebec, to our head office, which regroups finishing operations, from the finish and staining applications to delivery. It is at the Montmagny facilities where our floors get their final finishing touch and quality approval. Three generations later, Mercier can count on the hard work and dedication of nearly 300 wood specialists.

Mercier Wood Flooring Logo
Riva Floors logo


Our roots date from 1937 in Vigo, Spain, where the Iglesias family started in the wood world with a small workshop. More than 80 years later, that same workshop has turned into one of the most respected wood manufacturers across Europe.


Hertog is the renowned, top quality wood floor manufacturer in The Netherlands. Originally one of the first manufacturers in the Netherlands to specialize in the production of authentic aged flooring, we are proud our floors can be found in homes and commercial spaces worldwide. Today we are internationally based, with our main office still in the beautiful Roman city of Maastricht. Working from a 26,000 m2 manufacturing facility, we employ the most talented people and use stringent quality measurements to deliver beautiful, inspirational floors. In solid plank or engineered, from wide-and-long to Herringbone, Hungarian Point and Versailles panels, the possibilities are endless.

Hertog has always set out to differentiate through design and innovation, but equally important is our desire to meet our customers’ expectations by offering expert advice and first-class service.

We have developed an agile approach to innovation and the development of new colours and finishes; we strive to be the best in our field whilst remaining true to the heritage of our brand. Our eye for detail and quality is professionally respected, we are industry-accredited and enjoy strong relationships with architects, designers and contractors in over 25 countries around the world.

Hertog Flooring Logo
Connor Sports logo

Connor Sports


Since installing our first basketball court over 105 years ago, Connor Sports has become synonymous with hardwood sports surfaces the world over.


As industry leader, Connor Sports continues to drive innovation and product development with the goal of advancing the levels of athletic comfort and performance that should be expected from a premium sports flooring system.

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