What Are the Different Hardwood Flooring Species?

There is a wide array of tree species popularly used in hardwood flooring manufacturing. This article will highlight some more well-known species and provide additional interesting information.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

American and European oaks are the most widely used oak trees in hardwood flooring. American oak, also referred to as domestic oak, has two primarily used types, red oak and white oak. European oak typically possesses a darker tone compared to domestic oak. The European oak used in hardwood flooring tends to grow in areas including:

  • France
  • Germany
  • The United Kingdom

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Oak tree in front of a sunset

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Did you know that there are more than 100 species of maple trees? Maple hardwood flooring is highly durable, and its aesthetic features genuinely make it stand out. Maple tends to have intricate grain patterns and sandy colorations. These traits make maple hardwood flooring ideal for nearly any room in your home, accentuating the surrounding furnishings. Additionally, maple trees are abundant in many areas, making them affordable hardwood flooring materials.

birch trees in the woods

Birch Hardwood Flooring

Grown throughout Europe, northern Asia, and America, birch trees produce solid wood. Due to its toughness, manufacturers often use birch to make plywood.

The Advantages of Birch Hardwood Flooring

  • Highly durable
  • Available in a variety of colorations
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Low maintenance

Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash trees can be found throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. This tree is a popular choice of hardwood flooring material for various reasons.

Ash Tree Facts

Ash is known for its density, durability, and elasticity. In addition to ash’s use in hardwood flooring, this material is also used in items including:

  • Baseball bats
  • Bowls
  • Handles
  • Staircases
  • Guitars

Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Native to central Asia and now also found in Europe and North America, the walnut tree is used to make luxurious hardwood flooring. Walnut hardwood flooring has numerous benefits, making it an ideal choice for your home.

The Advantages of Walnut Hardwood Flooring

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Stunning look with or without staining

Cypress Hardwood Flooring

As a species of pine tree, cypress possesses many similar beneficial characteristics. One of the most popular types of cypress hardwood flooring comes from the bald cypress tree.

Some Benefits of Cypress Hardwood Flooring

  • Increases your property value
  • Highly durable and resistant to decay
  • Possesses sound dampening qualities
  • Looks excellent finished or unfinished
cypress trees growing in a southern swamp

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Cherry hardwood flooring typically comes from American or Brazilian cherry trees. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring may be more expensive due to import costs; however, both types of cherry hardwood flooring have key benefits.

The Benefits of Cherry Hardwood Flooring

  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek look
  • Ideal acoustics for entertainment or music rooms
  • Flush surface

Selecting the Right Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to selecting hardwood flooring, the only correct answer is the one that meets your unique taste. So stop by our showroom or contact us today so we can help you find the perfect hardwood flooring for your upcoming installation.

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