Why Gaps Appear on Hardwood Flooring Installations During the Winter

As time goes on and the seasons change, you may begin to notice changes in your hardwood floors. Gaps and crevices may appear, especially during the colder months. So, why do your hardwood floors experience this change? A logical explanation lies behind it — and don’t worry, it’s a very normal occurrence!

During the winter season, the outside temperatures drop. To keep the inside of our homes comfortable, we often utilize our heating systems the most during winter. The dry air produced by the heating system causes humidity levels to drop. Humidity is something that directly impacts hardwood flooring conditions. Lower levels of humidity result in the contracting of wood panels of floors, which is how gaps appear. Dry air causes the planks to release moisture, which shrinks them. Not only do heating systems produce dry air and result in the contraction of hardwood floors, but humidity levels also decrease naturally during colder months.

flooring installation in a kitchen

Do not be alarmed if you notice gaps in your hardwood floors during the winter season! Wooden planks in hardwood flooring naturally contract in colder temperatures. However, if you do not wish for gaps to appear on your floors, you can take measures before and after the flooring installation process to prevent the likelihood of them happening. While installing your hardwood floors, you may want to nail or glue them down. This will give your floors increased resistance to expansions or contractions.

During the winter months, always double-check that all windows and doors are fully closed when not in use. This will ensure that your heating system is being used to its best advantage, decreasing your odds of cranking up the heat and causing the humidity levels to drop. You may also want to install a humidifier in your home to maintain humidity levels during colder temperatures.

The experts at E_M Custom Flooring & Installations are happy to work with you to ensure your hardwood flooring stands the test of time year in and year out. Contact us today or stop by our showroom, and we’ll get you started.

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