Long Island Flooring 101 – Tips for Humid Climates

It is important to note that climate can affect hardwood floors. While laminated and hardwood flooring are durable and affordable options, they can change over time with changing temperatures. Due to this, you may want to consider methods that can be applied to maintain your floors and prevent them from being impacted by humidity.

Understanding the Effects of Humidity on Floors

During hotter seasons, humidity levels may increase (up to 90% sometimes) and the sudden change in the atmosphere directly affects hardwood floors. Due to humidity, they can expand and swell since there is increased moisture in the air. The expansion of floorboards causes them to press into neighboring ones.

Low humidity levels can also affect flooring since the air in your home will be dry. This results in the drying out and weakening of floorboards.

Physical changes you may notice in your floors due to humidity include:

  • Gapping – Low humidity causes spaces between boards
  • Cracking – Low humidity causes splintering
  • Cupping – High humidity causes the edges of the boards to curl up slightly and become uneven
  • Splitting – Low humidity causes long fractures in flooring
gapping in floors

Maintaining Floors in Humid Conditions

You can protect your floors from humidity with the proper care in various ways. Appropriate measures consist of:


  • Avoid using a water-based cleaner on your floors daily, which can warp the flooring with added humidity levels
  • Keep indoor temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If humidity levels are high, keep your air conditioner running to avoid floor damage.

At E_M Custom Flooring & Installations, our highly trained experts are familiar with floor maintenance and the impacts of humidity. We are here to help you get ahead of the possible damage by ensuring that you have the ideal flooring choice based on humidity levels in your area.

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