Enhancing Your Home’s Value with Quality Flooring

Ask any real estate agent what feature is very important to a new home buyer and odds are they will mention the flooring. The style and design of the floor for each room can quickly set the tone, regardless of the furniture or other décor elements that have been put in place.

Purchasing new flooring is an instant way to not only update the look of a room, but also quickly increase the prospective resale value of your home. There are so many different flooring trends and styles now available, so it’s best to work with a trained flooring specialist who can help you make those important design choices. They will help you to consider:

wood flour with couch facing TV

What is your budget?

When people visit our Long Island flooring showroom, they are often tempted to immediately select the flooring that first catches their eye. Flooring comes in all different types and costs, so our flooring professionals help you to consider how much money you can afford to spend based on how long you plan to remain living in your home.

How much area do you want to cover?

Our specialists are trained on how to help you to determine just how much space you have to cover, and how much it will cost between materials and the labor needed for installation. They will also take into the consideration of what lies beneath the flooring you already have, as it can affect how the replacement flooring will need to be installed.

How much foot traffic will there be?

Some types of flooring are more durable than others. If you have a room that your family regularly spends lots of time in or you have pets, upgrading your current flooring makes sense and can be an attractive selling point to a prospective buyer.


To learn more or make an appointment to visit our showroom, give us a call!

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