What Does It Mean to Really Go Green?

A Simple Guide to Healthy Flooring That’s Not Just Good for Your Home, but Also the Environment

For over 75 years, E_M Custom Flooring & Installations has been working closely with individuals, interior designers and contractors to service all of their many flooring needs. We have seen trends come and go, but one that continues to gain momentum is the desire by our customers to live in a healthy home. This goes hand in hand with a renewed interest in using materials that aren’t harmful to the environment, decompose naturally and are actually created without negatively impacting the earth.

cork bedroom floor - US Floors
Cork flooring - US Floors

As the number of natural flooring options grow, so does the demand for safe flooring. Homes where families can live and sleep without the worry that they are being exposed to harmful chemicals or what is called “off-gassing,” is now a frequently mentioned condition of a new flooring purchase. For some customers, the choice is made simple by selecting a flooring that doesn’t collect allergens, dust, and mold and in turn contributes to high indoor air quality. Others are concerned with increasing energy efficiency.

Why Not “Go Green” with Your Flooring Selections?

Local architects and interior designers have already caught on to the growing trend of eco-friendly houses and routinely build the use of green products into their client proposals. These products are not only naturally beautiful, but give homeowners the security that their homes are healthy to live in. At first, many people are surprised that the variety of flooring they can choose from is also eco-friendly, since many assume that this type of product is not as viable and appealing as the more traditional options.

Why Are We Recommending Green Products? Here Are a Few Simple Reasons:

  • Ability to be renewed/recycled
  • Made by responsible manufacturers
  • Toxicity to the environment
  • Required maintenance
bamboo hardwood dining room floor - US Floors
Bamboo hardwood flooring - US Floors

Visit Our Showroom to Understand the Newest in Eco-Friendly Flooring

At our design showroom, our staff can explain what makes each type of flooring unique in use and appearance and help you decide what would work best for your specific needs. Once our customers understand the variety of products they can choose from, they soon realize that their homes or offices can not only look great, but have added long term value when they feature safe flooring.

We can also provide a tour of our green flooring options as well as actually show you the difference between flooring that is cured with standard oil base/water base products and those that are green and cure faster which make them safer. There are three basic ways that you can incorporate eco-friendly products into your home. Some people are concerned about the actual application and finishing of their existing flooring, while others want to “go green” and start with a natural flooring such as bamboo or cork. (be sure to have photos showing this type of flooring!)

Here Are Just Some of the Green Products We Offer at E_M:


  • Bamboo – U.S. Floors
  • Cork – U.S. Floors
  • Solid/engineered (sustainably harvested, made with no-toxic adhesives & finishes) – U.S. Floors & Kahrs


  • Bona Waterbase Based Poly (Greenguard Certified)
  • Bona Craft Oil (Greenguard Certified and 0% VOC Eco-friendly)
  • Woca Oil finishes (0% VOC Eco-friendly)
  • Rubio Monocoat finishes (0% VOC Eco-friendly)
  • Osmo Oil Finish (0% VOC Eco-friendly)
  • UnoCoat (0% VOC Eco-friendly)


  • Bostik Greenforce
  • DriTac 7500 Eco-Urethane
  • Bona R-851

Why E_M?

Once you have made the important decision of selecting the green flooring that works for you, our installation team will work closely with you to complete your project in a timely and professional manner. Although we’ve been in business for many years, we are experts at combining our long-standing installation techniques with our up-to-the minute knowledge of the ever-changing eco-friendly flooring market.

Low VOC floor finishing samples being tested for customer color approval.
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