Reclaimed Wood vs. Antique Wood vs. Sustainable Wood

Many first time homeowners set out to redo the floors in their home and soon learn that there are many different types of flooring selections to choose from. Our beautiful Long Island E_M showroom is set up specifically so that our flooring specialists can work with each customer to present flooring samples and explain the unique attributes of each. We offer only the highest grade products which is why many service interior designers and architects also choose to work with us. Not only do we offer flooring solutions, but we also offer floor remodeling and repairs, which are an easy way to uplift the look of a room and increase the perceived value of your home.

When customers come to us specifically for wood flooring suggestions, we take into consideration that many typically need to first learn about what makes each type of wood appealing. Then we take into account the type of flooring project they have in mind, the dimensions of the area requiring coverage and their lifestyle needs. Once these key criteria are established, our flooring contractors make product suggestions that will fit into our customer’s budget. For this reason, we offer a variety of options in different colors and price points.

Before we even start any installation, our experts visit your home to determine your underlying flooring structure to ensure that our installation will be a success. We take pride in our work and have earned a reputation as the first stop on Long Island for any prospective flooring buyer who wants to take full advantage of the flooring education we offer to customers who are about to make a long term decision that will affect the look and future value of their home. Having been in business for more than 75 years, and led by three generations of our family, we are a known leader in this industry and our commitment to our customers is second to none.

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Here are three popular types of wood flooring that we work with and why they are long standing favorites with our customers. While the terminology may sound similar, each wood offers a distinct look and different flooring advantages, so we ask our customers to factor all of that in as we help them to make that all important decision of what will work best for their individual design project.

The beauty in having all different types of flooring solutions available is that it allows our customers to choose what suits their style while keeping in mind their individual preferences and what can help them make their home more appealing. These are just a few of the hardwood flooring installations that we offer. To see the full variety, and learn more about what would work best for you, fill out our form or call to speak to a flooring specialist today.

Reclaimed Wood
Many people don’t understand what reclaimed wood is and confuse it with salvaged wood. Reclaimed wood is actually wood that has been used in the past for other structures from the 18th to the early 20th century. It’s appealing to many homeowners who make it a priority to use wood that is recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only does it have a unique texture, it has a tight grain which makes it a perfect solution for areas in the home that experience a high volume of activity.

Antique Wood
Antique wood flooring is highly sought after since there is limited availability. What makes it stand apart is the fact that it consists of wood that was used for construction before 1920 and from trees that were already hundreds of years old. Our flooring experts work with many interior designers who want to offer their clients flooring solutions that provide a more exclusive feel to their customers.

Antique wood offers one-of-a-kind grain patterns that are not commonly found in any other kind of wood which makes it popular for new construction as well as projects that are trying to replicate a certain look while also offering durability.

Sustainable Wood
For some customers, it’s a priority to use flooring that is friendly to the environment. Sustainable wood is wood that has been harvested in an area that is carefully cultivated to have minimal impact on the surrounding area and is maintained by organizations who quickly replace the trees with new seedlings. Sustainable wood is not restricted to one variety, so other wood species such as mango, rattan, Douglas fir and others are also good choices.

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