Using Ash Flooring to Achieve a Contemporary Look

There are many flooring options to select from, but we have found that visitors to our Long Island showroom have been turning to ash when updating their homes. It’s a perfect contemporary flooring solution for areas like kitchens or great rooms that have open floor plans or need a lighter look to give a feeling of spaciousness. We have seen that more interior designers are suggesting this option for homeowners who may have used more traditional options in the past, and are seeking wood flooring that can really help a room stand out.

family looking at wood samples

Why Ash?

It’s Durable:
Ash flooring lasts a long time, is easy to clean as spills wipe up quickly and is usually scratch resistant which is especially important to homeowners who have children and pets. Due to its elasticity feature, it keeps footsteps quieter than traditional floors. Despite any normal wear and tear, it keeps looking like new for a long time and can actually increase the potential resale value of your home.

Flexible Installation:
Different homes have different installation needs. Our flooring specialists will visit your home to determine if you need a nail-down, staple down or even a glue-down installation which is affected by the type of base surface you have below where your floor will be installed.

Stylish Appearance:
Many home design magazines feature articles on the merits of installing hardwood flooring and often tout ash floors as quickly adding allure to the look of your home. What’s appealing is that it offers a custom look since it comes in different variations of colors and even has swirls which help to liven up any room. It also holds stain well, so for homeowners looking for a customized look, this is easy to accomplish.

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